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Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Director-General Chun-Yi Tu first brought twelve biomedical startups to MedTech Conference 2019 in Boston, United States. During the exhibition, the teams received a total of 180 appointments with major medical manufacturers and academic institutions from around the world. The teams received orders totaling $120 million US dollars through AdvaMed, opening business opportunities across the global market.
Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Bio-teams win 120 Millions USD from the US military, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson
Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Bio-teams win 120 Millions USD from the US military, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson
MedTech Conference organizer AdvaMed has great influence in the biomedical industry due to its connections with 80 top tier medical manufacturers and 400 key members. The 12 startup teams from Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), that collaborated with Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI) and the Biomedical Industrial Innovation Promotion Program, received significant attention during the exhibition. This included attention from the US military which has a high appreciation for Heroic-Faith Medical Science, the developer of a respiratory monitoring system; APrevent Medical developed intra-and post-operatively implant to treat glottic insufficiency; FaceHeart developed Heart rate detection through AI; and Summed Taiwan which created braided catheter extrusions and device tooling also received business orders during the exhibition.

Taiwanese startups received applause from the global biomedical industry

Heroic Faith Medical Science, exhibited an AI-powered mobile solution connecting to a pre-tracheal stethoscope, received a clinical trial evaluation and business opportunities from the FDA, American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), American Dental Association, and US Military Health System for its respiratory monitoring and sound recognition. APrevent Medical, which developed an intra-and post-operatively implant to treat glottic insufficiency, received collaboration with Japan. FaceHeart developed heart rate detection through AI securing a partnership with Hewlett-Packard and Johnson Fitness for a smart cloud system. Summed Taiwan, which developed braided catheter extrusions and device tooling, secured a platform partnership after a one-on-one meeting with Terumo, academic institute University of Pittsburgh and UMASS.

TTA leads Taiwan biomedical startups as the voice of Taiwan

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston Director Ms. Hsu mentioned during the opening ceremony, “In recent years, the Taiwan government has established TTA to support the Taiwan talents to commercialize academic research, to enhance the technological innovation, and to connect with the global industrial ecosystem. It is expected to communicate with the world through TTA participation in international exhibitions, linkage with foreign investment and resources, opening the door for multinational industries collaboration and strengthen Taiwan’s position in the technology ecosystem.”

MedTech Conference organizer, AdvaMed vice president Ralph F. Ives also said during the TTA opening ceremony, “Boston is an important base for the biomedical industry. Among the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, there are 16 located in Boston, such as Novartis, Baxter, Vertex HQ, and GE Life sciences. These companies have connected the ecosystem through the MedTech exhibition to enhance collaboration and future opportunities.”

TTA is not only connecting with Taiwan startups and the global startup ecosystem, but also actively promotes the development of the biomedical field through artificial intelligence, software, and semiconductor technology. TTA enables Taiwan’s biomedical startups to receive attention from investors, and even international collaboration with Taiwan biomedical startup teams, increasing Taiwan’s position in the global ecosystem.

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