Breathing sound auscultation is important in diagnosing and caring for pneumonia patients. It provides ongoing and changing conditions within the airway of the patients in a timely and economical way. The traditional method of auscultation, however, requires clinicians to listen to the breathing with stethoscope at bedside, which poses a great risk of cross-infection when the disease is highly contagious. With full PPE, it is difficult to perform auscultation safely using traditional stethoscope.

The multi-channel continuous respiratory monitor developed by Heroic-Faith Medical is the solution to the unmet need. The teamwork of medical and engineering professionals has removed the time and space restrictions and transformed the role of auscultation in the caring for pneumonia patients. Respiratory parameters including respiratory rate and adventitious sounds are delivered in real time to clinicians in the nursing station by attaching the sensors to the patients and through the connection of internet service, minimizing unnecessary contact. Respiratory conditions of multiple patients are monitored simultaneously. Breathing sounds are heard and seen as with a spectrogram for visual aid from a concise device. The results of auscultation processed by AI-algorithm are objective and good in sensitivity, assisting health care personnel making clinical judgement. It is also potentially applicable outside health care institutions as a screening tool, detecting early abnormal signs before full-blown symptoms unveil, particularly amid the current outbreak of COVID-19 when unnecessary hospital trips are discouraged.

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