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CES 2021 Taiwanese Startup Heroic Faith Integrates AI to Revolutionize the Stethoscope

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Reports have shown that approximately 900 million people worldwide seek medical care for respiratory diseases such as snoring,asthma, and cardiovascular disease lung edema. The number of respiratory compromised cases is expected to increase by 31% by 2019. Moreover, patients with respiratory compromise in general care wards are 29 times

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Heroic-Faith expects US FDA clearance for AI-powered respiratory monitor

Heroic-Faith Medical Science expects its AI-powered respiratory monitor to receive US FDA clearance this year, according to Taiwan-based startup. Heroic-Faith said the AI-powered continuous respiratory monitor can perform the breathing sounds auscultation precisely, using Taiwan’s cutting-edge noise-cancelling technology, but also count breathing rate and identify the so-called adventitious sounds caused by airway obstruction, spasm, and

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Heroic-Faith Secures Financing Round as the COVID-19 Pandemic Creates a Need for Remote Monitoring

Heroic-Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd., a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to assist physicians, patients and healthcare facilities in the identification and management of abnormal breathing sounds, announced the close of its first financing round. Spurred on by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent need for remote patient monitoring, particularly respiratory function,

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Taiwan’s Healthcare Gets Boost from AI

Jenni Lin, of Heroic Faith Medical Science’s engineering department, with a visualization of breathing sounds. Photo: Louise Watt Click to Translate is On Several Taiwan startups are offering innovative solutions to healthcare-related issues using AI technology and access to years of NHI data. The future of healthcare is just around the corner. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already

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