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AccurSound Electronic Stethoscope (AS101+Airmod)

Continuous playback of breath sounds, visual sound spectrum, AI recognition technology, review, and recording
  • Introduction:
    AIRMOD solves the problem of continuous breath sound monitoring (in intensive care units and intravenous anesthesia, IVGA) which is not possible in modern medicine, and enhances patient safety. AIRMOD converts breathing sounds into a spectrum and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help interpret them so that they can be accurately and immediately heard and alerted by the AI when a patient is experiencing respiratory distress. AIRMOD is the only method currently available for early detection of abnormal Partial Airway Obstruction (PAO) sounds under IVGA. It can confirm that the patient is ventilating well and preventing hypoxia due to apnea.
  • Equipment:
    Hardware: Accusound AS-101 Software: AIRMOD