Frank Wu, one of the founders of Heroic-Faith Medical Science and Raising Children Healthcare Foundation, believes in innovative technology as a methodology of assisting future clinical solutions. Mr. Wu together with Dr. Fushun Hsu, critical care doctor, strives to improve the current healthcare obstacle from both the aspect of clinical practice and innovative knowledge. Based on the belief of saving more lives through the holistic understanding of our health. Heroic-Faith puts innovation in the right place to make our world a healthier and better place.

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Future Healthcare

In different era, we need innovative clinical solution!


Our approach of putting more insight on the patterns of breathing and assisting the better diagnosis of lung disease


One of the most misdiagnosed chronic disease. In a great need of early detection and public awareness

Lung Auscultation

Today, human relies heavily on the subjective auscultation from either traditional or digital stethoscope

Our Value

Starting from one of the vital signs, lung sound monitoring system, Heroic-Faith believes that machine learning and the accumulative data as a pathway of getting the complete information of our own body. The stethoscope is an invention we have for two hundred years. We do not reinvent the wheel, we create the breakthrough devices. For clinicians, our device facilitates a better diagnosis result. For the patients, the continuous monitoring system provides a complete overview of the symptom. For the hospital, our smart device serves as an enormous addition to the labor-intensive healthcare industry.

Our Mission

Joined by professionals in different fields from around the world, we believe that the healthcare solution in the digital era should be based on humanity. While new technology facilitates our life in so many other ways, it is time for medical devices to evolve into a trustworthy companion in the healthcare landscape.