Experience the non-stop respiration monitor
Our care for you is beyond the time frame


First in the World

The first device in the world designed to continuously monitor heart and lung sounds. It enables heart & lung sound as vital signs signal for unmet clinical need


Noise Cancellation

Our proprietary surround adaptive noise-canceling technology can dramatically reduce noise without needing the bulky noise isolation apparatus comparing a conventional stethoscopes

AI algorithm for lung activity

Our device works seamlessly with our dedicating AI algorithm, which can recognize lung activity, detect abnormal sounds, analyze inhalation, exhalation, wheeze, rales, and rhonchi in real scenarios, and support the severity judgment of respiratory conditions.

Real Time Broadcast

Our device’s playback mechanism provides a clear broadcast function to physicians undergoing general anesthesia and is the first of its kind to mostly eliminate acoustic feedback in the audio set.

Modular DESIGN

With the extensible modular design, our sensor facilitates the integration of ECG signals into the device, monitoring auscultation sounds and ECG at the same time.

Hybrid Sensor

Our hybrid sensor is designed to complete more physiological signals during diagnosis.


The Value of Time Efficiency

Time-efficient solution for continuous diagnosis with the assistance of artificial intelligence to translate and abstract patient’s long term tendency without tedious manual auscultation

Central Station

Work with the central monitor to aggregate relevant respiratory information from bedside

Lung Anatomy

Anatomical lung sound analysis capabilities