CES 2021 Taiwanese Startup Heroic Faith Integrates AI To Revolutionize The Stethoscope

2021 年 1 月 12 日by admin
TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/

Reports have shown that approximately 900 million people worldwide seek medical care for respiratory diseases such as snoring,asthma, and cardiovascular disease lung edema. The number of respiratory compromised cases is expected to increase by 31% by 2019. Moreover, patients with respiratory compromise in general care wards are 29 times more likely to die. Heroic Faith sees the growing patient demand and seeks to help strengthen medical facilities to improve healthcare workforce effectiveness by elevating the quality of respiratory care.

Heroic Faith: Saving lives through innovation

Focusing on early abnormal respiratory rate detection. Heroic Faith launched an AI-powered respiratory identification system that recognizes inhalation and exhalation and distinguishes abnormal breathing sounds. Introducing artificial intelligence to critical patient monitoring reduces risks and human factors in emergency care settings such as ICUs, emergency rooms, and surgical theaters. Beyond directly benefiting patient care, Airmod creates a better work environment and provides better resources to the healthcare workforce.

After testing on over 1,000 patients, Airmod has proven to be the best solution for non-procedural sedation and respiratory safety. The device’s strengths include a respiratory display, sophisticated ambient noise cancellation capabilities, a lightweight and easy-to-use design, and integrated deep-learning abilities. The team also delivers its innovation to auscultation with traditional stethoscopes and is now enabled to operate via a cloud-based platform.

Algorithm in its core, SEERes is innovating respiratory care

Heroic Faith Medical’s innovative algorithm technology strengthens SEERes’ database and operation accuracy. A database of 950,000 breathing-sound recordings supports the algorithms, giving an accuracy rate up to 96%. As soon as the sound of breathing clip is recorded, it is uploaded to the algorithm system for verification. Feedback is generated quickly, allowing rapid detection of abnormal respiratory rates and altered respiratory patterns, with results providing evidence-based references to healthcare workers to help them make decisions regarding the need for early prevention care.

Founded in 2018, Heroic Faith has received numerous awards over the past two years. Its innovations have been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Taiwan FDA. The company won the RESI Innovation Challenge in 2019 and the NTPC-AWS Best Innovation Award in 2020. Fu-shun Hsu M.D., CEO of Heroic Faith, gained his medical practice experience as a critical care MD. He leads a team packed with top executive expertise and supported by consultants from related industries.

Exploring more opportunities than before

Heroic Faith is currently collaborating with leading tech companies Intel and Advantech as well as with medical centers and clinical laboratories in Taiwan and the United States. SEERes is expected to receive US EUA in the near future. Cooperating with Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), Heroic Faith is joining the team of 100 featured Taiwanese startups at CES 2021. After confirming series A funding, the company will secure its medical device MP, conduct clinical trials, secure SaMD registration, and build on its data framework. Together with other respiratory care equipment from Heroic Faith, SEERes is framed both as a B2B model for medical institutions and as a B2B2C model that would be able to address a wider range of healthcare requirements.

Integrating professional knowledge and innovative technologies, Heroic Faith Medical has caught the attention of the medical startup world. As it continues to conduct tests on SEERes in real-life medical settings, the world is seeing that Heroic Faith Medical is making positive new strides in respiratory care. Heroic Faith Medical is taking steps forward to save lives and raise the overall quality of the medical community workforce.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/38pwv9


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