Heroic-Faith Medical Science focuses on breakthroughs in medical technology to improve the quality of respiratory monitoring.

Since its establishment, it has clearly set the mission of "Saving Lives Through Innovation", to assist medical personnel with the latest and best artificial intelligence technology.

Company Profile

Founded in 2018, focusing on developing a medical device with AI continuous breathing sound monitoring.

Through cooperation with major medical centers in Taiwan, Heroic-Faith has collected millions of breath sound data. In 2020, Heroic-Faith launch the ΑΙ Respiratory Breathing Sound Monitor, which uses a non-invasive evaluation method to monitor patient breath sounds and detect breathing in real-time. The sound changes are converted into visual graphics to provide medical personnel with a dual diagnosis of hearing and vision.

Heroic-Faith has just been approved by the Taiwan FDA and is actively promoting the US FDA certification, and continues to work closely with many medical centers and clinical laboratories in Taiwan and the United States.

Our Vision

The company is committed to breakthroughs in medical technology to improve the quality of care for critically ill patients. Since its inception, Heroic Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd. has set out its mission of “Saving Lives Through Innovation”, hoping to assist hardworking medical staff with the latest and best artificial intelligence technology in critical and difficult medical environments (e.g. intensive care units, operating theaters, emergency rooms, etc.). 

The core technology of the AI real-time respiratory listening monitor includes real-time continuous respiratory margin computing technology, intelligent medical clinical monitoring platform and AI continuous respiratory monitoring system, which can assist patients who need respiratory monitoring and patients with cardiovascular circulation problems.

Application fields

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for non-intubated anesthesia in the surgical market. There have been numerous cases of fatalities due to sudden respiratory arrest or acute airway obstruction during surgery. As a result, the importance of continuous respiratory monitoring has been highlighted by the specific requirements of national and international anesthesia and related medical societies to protect and monitor the airway.

Heroic Faith has collaborated with various medical centres, dental clinics and health screening facilities to use the AI continuous lung sound monitoring system for endoscopic surgery or examinations, paediatric dental surgery for sleep relief and orthopaedic surgery. The quality and effectiveness of the system has been highly recognised by medical professionals.

In addition to acute medical respiratory monitoring, Heroic Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd. also focuses on the other end of the medical care spectrum, outpatient respiratory disorders, and is actively developing a cloud-based respiratory recognition platform to meet the needs of various home monitoring projects. All the data, such as those obtained before and after the use of new drugs, the frequency of dose adjustments and remedial doses, and those obtained before and after the disposal of acute attacks, can be displayed on the cloud, so that patients and their carers, and even healthcare professionals, can hear and see their breathing at any time, which is a gateway to the health of asthma patients, chronic lung disease and heart failure patients at home.