Qualcomm announced the award of the third Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge, and Heroic-Faith Medical Science won second place and won a US$100,000

2021 年 12 月 15 日by admin
Qualcomm announced the winners of the third Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge: NUWA Robotics, Heroic-Faith, and AVILON

December 14, Qualcomm, Inc., through its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, announced the winners of the third “Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge.” Heroic- Faith Medical Science won second place with a prize of US$100,000.

Heroic-Faith Medical Science is a new innovative medical technology company focusing on developing critical illness and respiratory monitoring. It has set a “real-time respiratory auscultation monitor,” which converts breath sounds into digital data, which can be used in anesthesia respiratory monitoring, respiratory arrest, and other situations. In the seven-month QITC incubation plan, Heroic-Faith uses Qualcomm’s 5G mobile platform to further strengthen the “real-time respiratory and auscultation monitor,” identified and monitored by AI, and notified doctors in time 5G so that doctors can be in the office or surgery. It is a key innovative application of telemedicine and competent medical care that can instantly grasp the patient’s status on stage or remotely.

Xing-Fei Wu, a particular committee member of the Department of Industry, Academia, and Industrial Park Business of the Ministry of Science and Technology, congratulated all the winning teams. He pointed out: “It is already a great recognition to be selected for QITC. In terms of industry-academic cooperation, Qualcomm supports the research of top domestic universities and deepens the collaboration between industry and academia. In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, it has cooperated with TTA for three years. QITC provides business guidance, patent subsidies, etc., and expects Qualcomm to continue deepening the cooperation between the two parties in the future.”
Qualcomm Vice President and President of Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Si-Tai Liu, said: “With the gradual deepening of 5G commercial development, we see companies continue to accelerate digital transformation, and more and more smart edge terminals are connected to the cloud. This major trend promotes global innovation and is also shown in the finalists’ products and winning teams of this year’s “Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge.” Most of the finalists have used 5G, AI, and IoT technologies this year, including smart healthcare, smart cities, drones, robots, etc. Many of the products are solutions to assist enterprises in their digital transformation, which fully reflects that the Taiwanese startup team is quite competitive in terms of technology and market mastery, which is amazing!”

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and cooperation with the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), the third “Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge” started in January 2021. It attracted more than 120 startup companies to participate in the competition. After interviews and selection, Qualcomm announced the list of 10 teams in May, provided each shortlisted team with a finalist bonus of US$10,000, and launched a seven-month incubation plan to offer the shortlisted team technical support and engineering resources to assist in product development. And subsidies to encourage patent applications. Qualcomm also arranges workshops to train intellectual property rights and business strategies for the shortlisted startup teams.

Through this competition, Heroic-Faith fully demonstrated the advantages of integrating cutting-edge computing, networking, and AIoT technology with medical, commercial, and intellectual property protection to strengthen their competitiveness to face domestic and foreign challenges and enter the global market!